Overground Endoscopy by Videomed GmbH



VideoMed GmbH was founded by Dipl.Ing. Dagobert W.H. Gluch in 1988. As an innovative business, now in the second generation of family management, we are continually at the forefront of producing and developing ground breaking products.


Forward planning management, professional competence and the personal commitment of our employees are the cornerstones of our success. VideoMed is synonymous with the highest quality and reliability in our service areas and is facilitated by the close working relationship with veterinary practices and our flat company hierarchy.


Our primary area of expertise is the development, production and marketing of flexible veterinary endoscopes and documentation systems; including customised products to meet specific customer requirements.



Our products are designed and produced using the very latest technology available. Repairs and downtime are kept to a minimum by our exacting quality standards, however, if maintenance or repairs are necessary our highly qualified and experienced technical team guarantees a speedy and effective service.


When you decide to purchase a VideoMed Overground Endoscope  you make the best possible choice!